Can I Have Permanent Hair Stroke Brows?

I get lots of enquiries about permanent eyebrows but the biggest question ( Not known to the general public ) is that is my SKIN suitable for permanent hair stroke brows???

Lots of us ladies ( and Gents ) have lost brow hair that they had possibly as a teenager, they had overplucked or even shaved their eyebrows off!

Sometimes medication like Thyroxine is the culprit for sparce brows or even the menopause.

So you wish to have your lovely natural brows back? Can I have those lovely natural hair strokes back?????

This does determine your skin type and how mature your skin is. Also how well you have looked after it!

Generally oily skin or mature skin can blur the hairstrokes over time so we advise for mature clients, to have a soft shaded powder brows instead.

These heal into a beautiful soft shade that does not look like a ‘ tattoo’ but in fact, looks like brow make up once healed! so pretty and natural.

I offer free consultations with regards to permanent make up and I will be happy to give you some beautiful brows.

Please contact Anna on 07834070569

Anna x


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