I am now offering removal and lightening of unwanted Permanent Makeup

I have trained in a technique that can lighten and remove unwanted permanent makeup. The technique is done by needling a safe and sterile solution comprising of salt and saline into the targeted area. The process works on the process of Osmosis.

This is a process by which water in the cells beneath the pigment in the skin contains a lower amount of salt and water will rise to the area and forces pigment up through the skin layers. The pigment will then get trapped in the scab that forms at around day 10 after the procedure and gets pulled out with the scab when it falls off. Try it for yourself, put some salt on the flesh part of cucumber and watch the water rise to the top! The solution is made up of salt which is ground down to a fine powder then lemon seed extract is added for fading and exfoliations along with Orange seed extract, Aloe Vera to aid skin conditioning and sterile water.

It may take anything between 1-5 sessions depending on the previous permanent makeup you have had.

Unwanted big eyeliner wings can be lightened and removed as well as eyebrows and lips that have been tattooed outside of the natural lip area and has healed badly on normal skin. Migrated pigment can also be treated.

Healing time between sessions has to be 8 weeks.

How many sessions will depend on many variable such as how many layers need to be removed, if Titanium is present, how deep the pigment is implanted, clients own skin and how much is to be removed.

Cost of the treatment starts from £80 per session and reduced down on each session.

If you have a course of three sessions the first one is £80, second is £70 and third is £60.

This removal is a great alternative to laser removal and is far less painful.

For a free consultation please contact me on 07834070569.


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