Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Expert Permanent Makeup

Experience high-quality micropigmentation in a private, comfortable home clinic with Precisions Semi Permanent Makeup.

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Permanent Makeup Services

Unlock the Secret to Timeless Beauty with Permanent Makeup At Precisions, we offer advanced micropigmentation treatments designed to enhance your natural features. Our bespoke services ensure you look and feel your best every day.

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The Benefits of Permanent Makeup: More Than Just Convenience

Long-Lasting Beauty:

Wake up with perfect makeup every day.


No more daily makeup routines.

Enhanced Features:

Define and perfect your natural beauty.

Smudge-Free: day.

 Enjoy makeup that stays put all

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How it Works

How Permanent Makeup Works - The Art Behind the Beauty

Permanent makeup involves inserting hypoallergenic pigment into the skin’s second layer using a state-of-the-art digital machine. This technique ensures precise, long-lasting results that fade gradually, allowing for future adjustments.


What to Expect During Your Permanent Makeup Session

Our comprehensive treatment begins with a detailed consultation to understand your needs. We pre-draw the design for your approval, ensuring you are comfortable with the planned outcome. Topical anesthetic is applied to minimise discomfort, and our sterile environment guarantees your safety.


Is Permanent Makeup Right for You?

Permanent makeup is ideal for anyone seeking a convenient, long-lasting beauty solution. It’s perfect for those with busy lifestyles, makeup allergies, or conditions like alopecia. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or those with certain skin conditions.


Customised Treatment Plans for Optimal Results

We recommend a series of treatments tailored to your individual needs. Follow-up sessions ensure perfection and longevity of your permanent makeup.



Post-Treatment PMU Care:
Protecting Your Investment

Aftercare is essential. Follow our detailed instructions to prevent infection and ensure the best results. Avoid direct sun exposure and use provided aftercare products to keep your new look fresh and vibrant.

Pricing and Quality Assurance

Our permanent makeup sessions are priced competitively, with each treatment using medical-grade, sterile, single-use equipment.

  • Eyebrows: Starting at £350
  • Lips: £300
  • Eyeliner: £225 – £325
  • Lightening/Removal: £90 per session
  • Corrections: Quote at consultation

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Enhance your natural beauty with Precisions Semi Permanent Makeup. Contact us for a consultation and let’s create your perfect look. Your stunning, effortless beauty awaits.

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