Why Is Semi Permanent Make Up Expensive????

I often get asked why it’s such an expensive treatment!

Let me explain….

I’m lucky to have chosen a very knowledgable tutor who has had many years experience with skin and permanent cosmetics (Tracy Fensome)

and hold the highest qualification in permanent make up ( VTCT4 )

So basic training for all 3 areas ( eyebrows lips and eyeliner ) prices start from £6k for training.

It does’nt stop there as you need all your clinical waste contact, materials & PPE as well as pigments and needles ( high end safety is a must!)  would you like cheap pigment inplanted into your skin which would heal an awful colour??? No neither would I!

Pigments from £60 for a small bottle

Hepatits B vaccines £150

added insurance to your existing insurance from £300 a year

One or two licences from the council from £265

Also many more consumables.

Oh yes, and training does not stop after one course!!! you get the bug and have the passion to contine to update your skills for advanced techniques and skiils!!!!

Having said all that, permanent make up gives you a confidence boost, saves time in the morning if you are a busy mum.

Please get in touch with me for more information about semi permanent make up.

Anna x




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